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New York Times article by John de Graaf: Many Feel Trapped By Work

New Nielsen Poll from Diamond Resorts International highlights the value of vacation.


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Time poverty affects us all. Say NO to overwork, and join the movement to restore balance in our communities.

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Lectures and Presentations

Lectures and Presentations

Key members of the Take Back Your Time movement give lectures around the world about the value of time.

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Paid Leave—How We Compare

166 of 168 countries

guarantee paid leave for mothers in connection with childbirth. 45 countries offer such leave to fathers. The U.S. does neither.

139 countries

guarantee paid sick leave. The U.S. does not.

96 countries

guarantee paid annual (vacation) leave. The U.S. does not.

84 countries

have laws that fix a maximum limit on the workweek. The U.S. does not.

37 countries

guarantee parents paid time off when children are sick. The U.S. does not.


America can do better.

We believe there is no compelling reason for the world’s richest country to lag so far behind in so many areas when it comes to work/life balance. It is time for the United States to join all other industrial nations in guaranteeing that our nation’s tremendous productivity be used to allow Americans freedom from overwork, stress and burnout. Such stress relief will make Americans happier and healthier, and reduce the pressures on our health care system, lowering costs for all. It will also make us more productive. Studies show that job performance goes up after breaks and vacations. A healthier workplace will save money for American business, too, which loses $300 billion a year in job stress-related costs.



Washington Paid Vacation Bill

The Paid Vacation Act of 2014 failed to clear the Washington legislature.  Sponsor Gael Tarleton of the WA State House of Representatives intends to reintroduce the bill in 2015, with some changes to the original language.  Please watch for updates on this bill and how you can get involved at………


There are alternatives to our workaholic, time-rushed, unevenly employed, widening wealth-gap culture. Together we can create a new vision. In 2003, we applauded as the U. S. Senate declared October “National Work and Family Month,” and called for discussion and action to improve the balance between work and family time in America. But not much has changed(…)

Organizing Take Back Your Time Day In Your Community

  Note: The following is excerpted from Appendix A of Take Back Your Time: Fighting Overwork & Time Poverty In America (The Official Handbook for Take Back Your Time Day) to be published in July, 2003.   Organizing Take Back Your Time Day In Your Community By Sean Sheehen

Handbook Discussion

Handbook Discussion Questions For Discussion Take Back Your Time Handbook – PDF File File Name: Time_Day_Book_Questions.pdf. File Size: 82 KB Download Time: Approximately 1 minute with a 33.6 modem. Study Circle Discussion Take Back Your Time Handbook – PDF File File Name: Study_Circle_Book_Discussions.pdf. File Size: 90 KB Download Time: Approximately 1 minute with a 33.6 modem.  

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Take Back Your Time Sponsors The Take Back Your Time Campaign is grateful for the support of many sponsors — corporate, organizational and individual — whose generosity helped make our founding conference and other work possible. Please click on the links below to view information about their important efforts. Corporate & Organizational Sponsors Ackerman Institute(…)

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Organizational Endorsements: Abwoon Study Circle, CA Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment, OR Americans for Democratic Action Australian Shorter Work Week Network, AUSTRALIA Beth Chaim Congregation, CA Boston-Area Shorter Worktime Network, MA Center for A New American Dream, MD Center for Contemplative Mind in Society, MA Central Labor Body of Duluth, MN Coalition for(…)

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